Lima, OH (WIMA) -- Officers from the Lima Police Department and American Township Police Department are investigating 3 crashes involving one intoxicated driver.

The first took place at Taco Bell on Allentown Road on Monday afternoon.

A Green Chevy Venture mini-van entered the parking lot in an erratic manner and struck a vehicle that was in the drive-thru.

A few minutes later, the same vehicle ran a stop sign at Sherwood and Cable and was involved in another crash.

The suspect fled the scene of that crash and then was involved in another crash at the intersection of Cable and Allentown. Witnesses to that crash then blocked vehicle.

41 year-old Darnell Cook of Lima was found to be under the influence of alcohol and was taken into custody.

Cook's 2 year old daughter was in the vehicle with him during all 3 crashes. She was released to a relative.