I have some friends that swear by tea (Jane, I'm looking at you.)  And now there is lot of research to back them up. Here are a list of teas an how they effect the body.

GREEN TEA:  BURNS FAT.  Yep. It has EGCG, a substance that could help metabolize fat faster.


CHAMOMILE: MOOD LIFTER.  This herb helps lessen negative feelings by 20 to 30 percent. The flavonoids in the flower may increase dopamine and serotonin. Happy hormones!


HIBISCUS: IMMUNITY BUILDER:  Lots of vitamin C can help you boost your immunity and firm up skin. NO DOWNSIDE.  One cup has close to 60% your daily requirement of Vitamin C.


GINGER: REDUCES HUNGER. Trying to eat less? Enjoy a cup of tangy ginger tea. best if sipped with a small meal.


PEPPERMINT TEA: MUSCLE RELAXER. Peppermint oil can relax the muscles and reduce stomach pain. Great for easing a tummy ache or helping with digestion.


Happy steeping!