Archaeologists Accidentally Find 2,000 Year Old Cat Etching in Peru

Our obsessions with cat videos is more deep seeded than we thought! Archaeologists in Peru have discovered a 2,000 year old cat etching!

According to USA Today,

The faded figure was discovered during remodeling work on a lookout point at the UNESCO heritage site known as Nazca Lines. The cat geoglyph was located on a steep slope and the effects of natural erosion made it hard to see at first.
The site was cleaned and archaeologists uncovered lines that varied in width from 12 to 16 inches that create the 121 foot long image.
This geoglyph appears to be older than the other lines, creatures, plants and geometric figures scratched into the ground nearby that can be seen from above. The ministry said the style of the artwork indicates it may have been created between 200 B.C. to 100 B.C., in the late Paracas period.