Camila Cabello Describes Her New Album as 'Hot Sauce with Nutella'

Ever since Camila Cabello tweeted a brief clip last week of herself singing what appeared to be a new song, fans have been clamoring for more information. Camila hopped on Twitter on Monday to give them some answers to their questions...but unfortunately nothing as definite as a title and release date.

"If you could describe the new album as food, what would it be and why?" one fanasked. "probably like HOT SAUCE with Nutella," Camila replied.

"And what if it was something to drink?" another fanasked.

"I’d say like a MARGARITA with some hot sauce and Nutella in it," Camilareplied

All this talk of food led one fan to comment, "Mom we are HUNGRY," to which shereplied, "dinner coming SOONER THAN YOU THINK GOODBYE."

But on a more serious note, when a fan asked, "is there a theme for this album or any concepts we should look out for that are important??" Camilasaid,"Ugh. Yes. Can't tell you tho."

Finally, when a fan asked if she considers this album to be more important than her debut, shesaid, "Different stages of my life, but yeah- I feel like this one feels like I’ve captured my essence more."

Dana Tyson

Dana Tyson

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