My Weekend In 5 Pictures - Starting Off With A BANG!

Last year there were no Astros Friday Night Fireworks...I was so happy to hear and SEE them this past Friday SPECTACULAR!

I sure hope our Sunny listeners who won tickets to The Woodlands Waterway Art Festival LOVED IT! I bought this customized wind chime there 15 years ago!

On my way out to make dinner for my parents in Cat Spring I did an IKEA detour...just because. I didn't know they sold $1 hotdogs! (YUM!)

Driving toward Katy, I noticed this amazing circular staircase! Jay found a secret room above his bedroom and thought a circular staircase would be awesome! Well Jay, it looks like they even deliver! :)

Last week I did a Facebook Live with the CUTEST lady spray paint muralist...Miss Carma Leonne! You should check it out at Sunny99Houston! She was demonstrating how to make a SUNFLOWER! I drove by there Sunday and there it was all blooming and beautiful!

I hope your weekend was so fun! Now let's get back to work and back to giving you $1000 12 times a day! Remember this time you don't TEXT the keyword, click here and enter it in the window. Wait for the phone to ring and pick it up so you can win $1000! Good Luck!

XO Dana