Apple iPhones Really Do Take Better Pictures!

My kids have major influence on my life choices and this week I got out of my comfort zone and caved to their wishes! I gave up my Samsung and joined their iPhone world! Cautiously optimistic I started to make the transition and you know what? I LOVE IT!

Talk about getting out of my comfort zone! This is my first gym experience since I broke my leg. JJ at PlanetFitness Katy designed a plan for Arms, Abs, and Legs (all documented on my iPhone!)...Legs First!

More legs...TRX LOVE!

Hold it....Come on we can do it!

To prove the iPhone really takes better pics than my old Samsung...a nature shot! Cows grazing with Cattle Egrets that eat the bugs that annoy the cows! It's called Commensalism. God is a genius and We all should live in this kind of symbiotic relationship! Now go enjoy your family and have a great weekend oh and try getting out of YOUR comfort zone! XO Dana