Chicken Eggs Are Here!

This little girl is Toots Mcgee and she works hard EVERYDAY laying eggs for my daughter's family!

Since my precious husband was visiting HIS mom in Florida, I went to visit my mom and the kids and Toots Mcgee! Yes this is my daughter's beautiful, egg laying CHICKEN! (She has 10 of them!)

Can you guess which eggs were store bought and which were laid by Toots Mcgee and her GF's?!

I love Sundays because they're ALWAYS Fried Chicken Sundays at Royer's in Round Top...oh and their Texas Trash Pie with Blue Bell Ice Cream! I wish weekends could be 5 days and the work week only 2! I'll see you on the radio with $1000 12 times a day...this could be your $$$$$ week!

XO Dana