Candy Land Is Back!

My Weekend Trip to Round Top was sweeter than normal with the opening of Lolli Top Sweet Shop! Retro candies everywhere including my favorite Wax Lips and Bazooka Bubble Gum!

When I saw Candy Land painted on the wall, looking just like the game, I fell in love with this place!

Lolli Top is a Tiny House Filled with candy! Brooke Michie and her husband Paul sold everything in Austin and headed to Round Top to bring JOY to their lives! Brooke also has a hair salon right across the street. They are living my dream life!

Before sweets we always have to get our Sunday Fried Chicken fix at Royer's Cafe...The Best in Texas! I dare you to challenge me!

Back to The East End where Cidercade is always packed! Arcade Games, Hard Cider and The Nutella Ice Cream Truck. Geez I have to get back to work to get away from this weekend of temptation! Thank Goodness I fast on Mondays! I hope your weekend was sweet too! I'll see you on the radio...XO Dana