Honoring More Heroes of World War II!

We are just now getting to hear about the amazing contributions of thousands of women during WWII.

In case you haven’t heard, nearly 11-thousand women were used as code breakers during the was against Hitler. While they did the secret work, their families were told the women were secretaries.

Since coming home, the women were sworn to secrecy by the government, but now their story is rightly being told. Five of the “Code Girls,” as well as their family members, were honored Friday by the Veterans History Project at a ceremony at the Library of Congress.

Thanks to author Liza Mundy’s new book “Code Girls, The Untold Story of the American Women Code Breakers of World War II.” we can now honor these women. The Code Girls young women were then transported to Arlington Hall, a former all-girls school in Washington, D.C., which would serve as the installation where they worked in secret within the Army Signal Corps.

Katherine Fleming, who served in the Civilian Army Signal Corps is oveerwhelmed by her hero status. “I just did my job and fortunately it must have been okay because we won the war.”

Flemig said those words at the first ever reunion, marking 70 years, of the special group’s beginning.

Source: Connecting Vets

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