These Five Things Mean You're In An Awesome Relationship!

In a relationship, it’s easy to eventually end up questioning if it’s actually the right situation for you. Like, after the honeymoon phase has worn off, you start to unnecessarily question things. That’s no way to live…and the thing is, you know you shouldn’t be doing it!

All the things that change as your relationship switches gears, might leave you wondering, “Is this natural, or is something wrong?” DON’T get in your head about it. Here are some overlooked signs that your situation is not only healthy, but actually thriving!

1. You’re responsible for your own happiness.There’s a difference between “healthy mutual love” and “codependence.” If you’re able to maintain individuality while becoming a “we” with your person, that’s super healthy.In other words…just because you LOVE doing everything together doesn’t mean you should lose your own interests, hobbies and friends.

2. You can share your emotions openly.Believe it or not, many relationships don’t have open and honest communication. If you fear that opening up about something that concerns you will cause your partner to feel criticized and retreat, sometimes avoiding the topic all together sounds like an easier solution. But that’s not a “solution” at all. You must be able to share your thoughts and feelings with your partner.

3. You listen to eachother.Talking and expressing your thoughts is one thing. But are you really listening to your partner? Are they really listening to you? It’s super important to understand what your sweetie is saying to you. Be open-minded, and interpret their words. Then askif your interpretation is correct. This will let them know that you were listening while also avoiding any misunderstandings.

4. You don’t get tired of being around your partner.Even after several years, if your boo is still your favorite person to be around, that says a ton about the solid relationship you’re rocking. If they text you something sooo mundane like “Hi” while standing in line, bored at the post office, that speaks volumes. Even though they’ve got nothing to say, the fact is, YOU are the person they’re all about.

Relax. Don’t overthink every little thing. The fact is, if you’ve got these four little (actually, HUGE) things on your side, chances are good that you’re actually in a very healthy relationship even if you’re going through some growing pains at the moment.

Source: Brides

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