Here's The Truth About Food Rules!

Americans waste tons of food every year and one reason is the food rules we may follow too closely.

BuzzFeed wanted to find out which rules are bogus and how closely the good ones should be followed, so they went straight to the agency that regulates what we chow down on.

Here’s what the FDA had to share:

  • Do we really have to stop drinking milk by the sell-by date? Not unless you have a poor immune system. Otherwise, it’s a matter of taste.
  • You shouldn’t drink water that;s been sitting out all night. The water may taste funny, but it’s perfectly fine to drink.
  • When old chocolate turns white, it’s bad. Not at all. It’s just the cocoa butter fat separating a little.
  • Butter should be stored in the fridge and not on the counter at room temperature. It could go rancid.
  • All fruits and veggies should be washed before eating. True! There are so many ways they can get contaminated.
  • If you bring salad to work, you need to keep it refrigerated. True or by the time lunch rolls around, it will already be going bad. Don’t have a fridge? Get an ice pack.

Source: BuzzFeed

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